Project Access


The project uses proprietary business Automotive Dealership information spanning March 1993 through October 2005, access is controlled by request and approval from Trilog Inc. and it's information owning client.

Interested parties may fill and submit a request for access form provided in the contents.

Technical requirements to connect to this service

This project was tested on a Microsoft client work station as follows;
 Windows XP with SP1 installed
Internet Explorer Version 6 with SP1
Office XP suite with SP3 and Office  Web Components installed
Office Web Components owc10.0.0.6765.exe installed [1].
PivotTable and ADOMD support ptsfull.exe components installed.
IE should be configured as being a trusted host.
IE should be configured to allow popups from
IE should be set to allow javascript execution.
After installing these components, reboot the workstation.

Notes! on Microsoft Office XP use Limitations

If you do not own an Office XP license, the Office Web Components are licensed to be used in static, non-interactive, client-side, view-only mode. If you do own an Office XP license, the Office Web Components are licensed to be used in interactive mode.

Un-licensed use results in limiting a single IE browsing session using the components, our experience indicates the second session locks both, resulting in the need to close both and restarting with a single. The Office 2003 Suite exhibits similar licensing behavior.

[1] Security Vulnerabilities

Below is a list of vulnerabilities which are fixed by installing owc10.0.0.6765.exe above.
Unsafe Functions in Office Web Components, details below
Host() Vulnerability: CAN-2002-0727 
LoadText() Vulnerability: CAN-2002-0860 
Copy()/Paste() Vulnerability: CAN-2002-0861 
Microsoft - How To Deploy the Office XP Web Components in an Office Program
Licensing the Office 2000 Web Components
How to deploy the Office 2003 Web Components in an Office 2003 program
Issues that are fixed in Office 2003 by Office 2003 Service Pack 2